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If you’re paying more than $29/mo. for processing… Watch the Video below!

Only $29/Month

Total Credit Card Processing Fee


At AW2P, we have the professional expertise and tools to fulfill all your payment and processing needs. We can show you how you can reduce your processing costs… and put a smile on your face.

Why AW2P

We Make It Simple

It’s NOT YOUR business to be the “expert” in the latest processing solutions, IT’S OURS. 

Today there are SO MANY CHOICES and different kinds of solutions that, in most cases, have similar functionality. It’s COMPLICATED and can be CONFUSING. Is the system I am using the best fit for my business? Are the rates that I am paying in line with today’s business environment? Is there a better solution? 

We have the ANSWERS and are here for you and we make it VERY SIMPLE!

What We Do

Tailored Processing Solutions


We offer our industry expertise and consultation services free of charge. You bring the need, and together we will define and implement the most efficient, reliable, affordable, and secure payment and processing solutions tailored to meet your individual business goals and objectives, both domestically and internationally. 

Who We Are

100 Years of Combined Expertise 


AWay2Pay was formed by the leading payment processing industry experts who are dedicated to your success. We have over 100 years of combined expertise in the debit and credit card processing business.


Test our solutions on a portion of your business to experience the difference.

AWay2Pay is Different

From Other Merchant Processors

  • We offer our professional industry Consultation Services Free of charge
  • Fast implementation and Unlimited 24/7/365 Customer Service 
  • We typically process merchant applications in 24-Hours 
  • LOW-RISK accounts, your funds are deposited the Next Banking Day
  • HIGH-RISK merchant accounts, we deposit your funds within 48 hours 
  •  We provide accurate, timely financial data, portal access, and real-time reporting 
  • Our solutions are all protected by the Highest Security Protocols in the industry 
  • No Obligation to change what you have today, until you are ready!
  • Test our solutions on a portion of your business to experience the difference.

Ask about our ZeroCost Fundraising Programs for Non-Profit Organizations

Our Solution

World Leading Financial Institutions


We have close relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions, card issuers, processors, software development teams, network and gateway providers worldwide. Our preferred domestic processing partner is Global Electronic Technology, Inc.

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