Non-Profit Organizations

Paying More Than $1

To Process Your Donations?

We do it for Free. ZeroCost Fundraising provides non-profit organization the tools that make it possible for 100% of the donations received to positively impact people’s live




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We Can…


  • Increase your causes visibility and reach by 10, 50 or 100-fold
  • Create unlimited causes and monitor the effectiveness of each one in real-time
  • Our ZeroCost Fundraising platform reduces and/or eliminates online donor acquisition costs
  • We customize donate buttons and URLs to email, text, or placement on all social media platforms
  • We provided merchants with a robust, integrated, expandable, donation management platform
  • NO hidden costs, setup fees, percentages, monthly fees, or transaction

  • Set-up donors on recurring payments for long-term support
  • Your donors receive an IRS Certified receipt instantly for tax purposes
  • When a donation is made to a cause, we pay you the next business day
  • YES.. We do all this for you at ZERO COST to your organization

It’s What We Give, That Makes A Difference In A Person’s Life!

Specialty Payments is honored to announce that we have chosen as our Charitable Giving recipient.

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YES! I Want To Help!

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YES! I want to help!!

Change Thru Change

Safe Water 4 ALL

Changing Lines Forever

We provide portable filtration systems to all those in need of pure, safe drinking water.