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Increase Your Profits Today

Let our professional team help you increase your profits today. Specialty Payments has the resources to launch your business to the top of your industry.

Get started today by filling out our merchant application and start accepting all the payment methods that best suit your company in less than 24 hours. We understand that your company is unique, and as such, the merchant account specialist that is assigned to you will help you select the services that are appropriate for your audience.

Specialty Payments embraces the mentality that as your company grows, so do we. With that in mind, we are here to make sure that your company never misses a sale by supporting your payment processing needs.

Credit Card Terminals 

We offer our customers multiple terminal options and from wired to wireless all our equipment is EMV ready.


Specialty Payments offers POS systems that cover all the bases; we have options from tablet-based solutions all the way through to systems that include cash registers, receipt printers, scanners, etc. You tell us what your needs are, and we will provide the necessary equipment to take care of you.

Secure Gateway

Specialty Payments offers a Virtual Terminal, with an ultra secure login, tthat turns your computer and internet connection into a virtual register. With no additional equipment or software to buy, you can begin using our payment gateway to accept credit cards today. 

It’s What We Give, That Makes A Difference In A Person’s Life!

AW2P is honored to announce that we have chosen ChangeThruChange.org as the recipient of our Charitable Giving.

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Change Thru Change

Safe Water For All

Changing Lives Forever

Your 2 Cents provides 10 Gallons of “Safe Drinking Water”. 

Our AmenaWells can provide pure, safe water in minutes from contaminated water sources and mud puddles around the world, without the use of power.

Donate for change, Today!