Ways We Help Grow Your Business

Credit Card Processing Solutions

An Ultra Secure, Reliable, Scalable Payment Gateway

Specialty Payments offers you the same services, whether you have a retail storefront, an online storefront, or a home-based business. We are here to ensure that you have everything you need so that you never miss a transaction and can serve your customers anywhere, anytime, safely, and securely.

SP has developed a secure, reliable, and scalable payment gateway that enables SP online merchants to process credit card transactions securely and seamlessly from anyone in the world, at any time, from anywhere. With our ultra-secure gateway, you can secure transaction authorization and settlement processes, as well as initiate transactions or credits simply with a web browser.

The SP Ultra Secure Gateway (USG) offers a secure login, a virtual terminal, billing page functionality and sales reporting by card type, product type, time, or customer. Integration with your merchant system will allow you to have deposit and fund transfer reconciliation, along with chargeback reconciliation reporting and other email notifications of critical events for your account management.


Online Processing Solutions

Our payment gateways give your online storefront access to accept transactions conveniently while providing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Wireless Processing Solutions

Solutions! That’s what Specialty Payments is offering merchants with mobile processing needs. SP offers merchants a secure, efficient, and effective payment solution to satisfy their mobile needs, anytime, anywhere

Our wireless solutions are compatible with smart devices running on iOS, Android, or Windows. Never miss a transaction again, start processing using a wireless solution today.