Why Us

What We Do

A Single Source to a wide variety of merchant payment / processing requirements

Provide merchants a single source to address a wide variety of payment and processing requirements with professional solutions.

We work closely with you to understand your particular business and then source, design, develop, and deliver effective, efficient, reliable, affordable, and secure payment and processing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our team develops solutions from inception to implementation. We have applications for almost every type of business including most HIGH-RISK merchant types both domestic and internationally. 

You bring the project, we supply the tools, and together we define and implement the most efficient and effective solution to meet your individual business goals and objectives both domestically and internationally.

Our Team 

Over 50 Years  Processing Experience

We are Industry Professionals with over five decades of processing experience dedicated to your success. We have the technical knowledge, software and application development, systems design, marketing, installation, implementation, and training experience to best serve our clientele. We develop solutions from inception to implementation.

Our Team has over fifty years’ collective experience in the transaction processing business and has produced thousands of very satisfied customers. We have well established relationships with the leading financial institutions, card issuers, processors, software development teams, network, and gateway providers worldwide.

Specialty Payments is a global provider of transaction processing services, it is a closely held Corporation and is dedicated to servicing our Specialty Payments clientele with flawless customer service. We work hard to bring you great success in your business.


Beyond our dedication to providing solutions to our clients’ current processing needs, SP is also committed to pioneering new business opportunities that can improve their competitive positions in the marketplace. The vision and technical prowess of our management team is reflected in SP’s vigilant focus on innovative solutions for the transaction processing of today and tomorrow.

Our Vision

Outperform Your Expectations

We provide customers and merchants a way to pay and get paid for almost anything… From anywhere! Specialty Payments is “One Place” you can bring all your payment or processing requirements and leave confident that you have a solution at hand…and a smile on your face. At SP we have the financial instruments and the players to orchestrate all your payment and processing needs.We are here to outperform your expectations.

Our Mission

Re-define Industry Standards of Quality & Performance

We are driven to re-define the standards of quality and performance in the payment processing industry with our effective, customer-centric, secure payment and processing solutions. We can achieve that because payments are our Specialty.

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